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pH calculation

pH and paH for separate or mixtures of many acids and bases together

Titration with derivative determination of the equivalence-point.              

Rreference: look at: www.asdlib.org

 You can download the programs directly without cost  on the Order-page.


There are:

A complete mathematical solution is given in "A General Program for ActpH" on the Order-page.


There is good agreement between values got from ActpH and those from NIST (standard buffer).
Ex: Phosphate buffer:  ActpH gives paH=6.858 and NIST gives paH=6.865.  Diff= 0.007.

For details go to the Order-page and download "Guide for the ActpH" and Ex 12.


If you want a review from an analytical journal you can go to Analytical Sciences Digital Library and read a Description


          Application/quantitative analysis/pH Calculation.


Programs have also been created based on these pH programs to give pH as a function of volume in acid-base titrations.  There are four programs, two to calculate paH for titration of acids and titration of bases, and two to calculate pH for the same titrations.  These programs and guidelines for their use are given following these pH programs.

There are two possibilities to download:

  1. The ConcpH-program with its guide and an adjusted form of “A General Program for Calculating ConcpH”.
  2. The ActpH-program with its guide, the complete form of “A General Program for Calculating ActpH”, the tables for ion diameters and in addition: the ConcpH-Program.

Decimal point is standard. If you have adjustment for decmal comma you can change  to decimal point by going to the Control Panel (Language) and choose USA (English).